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It is our goal at Premier Gynecology to provide contemporary women’s healthcare. Visiting a gynecologist at least once a year will not only offer confirmation of a healthy woman, but it will also offer peace of mind. Premier Gynecology specializes in both treatment and preventative medicine for today's woman. Dr. JoAnn Krivetzky is passionate and committed to ensuring the health of all her patients. Once you have booked an appointment, we would appreciate it if you could print and fill out our patient forms before you arrive for your visit. This process will allow us to expedite your visit. We hope to see you soon!

Restore gynecological health with MonaLisa Touch.

MonaLisa Touch™ is a painless and minimally invasive CO2 laser treatment for women experiencing symptoms commonly related to vaginal atrophy. MonaLisa Touch laser is beneficial for both pre and postmenopausal women to promote the restoration of collagen and improve functionality of the treated area.

MonaLisa Touch™ rejuvenates the vaginal wall quickly and painlessly with a minimally invasive laser treatment. Rather than masking the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, it works to restore natural functions to the treated area with long lasting results and a quick recovery time.

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Genetic Testing

If you have had cancer at a young age, a rare cancer or if cancer occurs frequently in your family, genetic testing may be an important first step for you. If a greater than average risk of cancer is found, there are a number of things you and your healthcare professional can do to manage that risk:*

  • You might be advised to have more frequent monitoring to help detect cancer at an earlier, more treatable stage and improve cancer survival.
  • Your healthcare professional may recommend preventive strategies, including risk-reducing medications or surgeries, that may reduce your risk of developing cancer.
  • You and your healthcare professional can make more informed decisions on your treatment options.
  • Test results can help your relatives learn more about the inherited risk and how it may affect them.

In addition, family members who do not carry mutations that increase their cancer risk may avoid unnecessary medical interventions.

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